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Three Easy European Lamb Recipes That Take Less Than 30 Minutes

Here at Coach, we’re of the firm belief that cooking for yourself leads to a healthier diet, but we’re also firmly of the belief that cooking for yourself shouldn’t mean suffering bland, uninspiring food, even if you haven’t much time to prepare a meal. There are plenty of ways to add more flavour to a dish, many of which you’ll probably know – butter, herbs and spices, salt, sugar – but another way of coming at the problem is to start with something that’s packed full of flavour already, like lamb. It’s distinctive, rich taste is a fine way to liven up a quick midweek meal as these recipes show.

They’re all from a campaign that waves the flag for sustainably-produced, responsibly-reared European lamb and there are plenty more recipes on the website, many of which don’t take any more of your time, but do rely on marinating the lamb for at least 30 minutes. If you’re a morning person and can fit in a spot of prep before leaving the house, you’ll find plenty more dishes that will be ready in next to no time once you’re back from a long day.

Lamb And Cheddar Quesadillas

Quesadillas are quickly becoming a staple of healthy cookbooks and it’s often the recipe we’ll try first because we never pass up an opportunity to eat melted cheese. The advantage of using lamb is that the meat’s earthy flavours are less likely to get lost because of the hot sauce we can’t resist slathering on. There’s a little more chopping involved in this recipe than there are in the other ones on this page, but as long as you’re handy with a knife you can prep the red pepper, onions and mushrooms while you fry off the mince. One thing to remember, try to keep the folded edge touching the pan when flipping the quesadilla. Take it from the people who have lost far too much filling in the flipping one too many times.

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Lamb And Leek Stir Fry

There’s nothing like hearing the sizzle coming from the wok to make you feel like you’ve mastered cooking. It’s incredibly easy too, you just need to keep the heat high and keep the contents moving. It’s always best with stir-fries to get everything prepared before starting to cook, but it won’t take you more than ten minutes here. Chop the lamb leg steaks into chunks, slice the leeks, and mix the oyster sauce, rice vinegar, cornflour and water together to make the sauce. Then it’s time to crank the heat up.

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Lamb Mini-Meatballs With A Taste Of Thailand

These bite-sized morsels made from minced lamb get their Thai-inspired flavour from the combination of mint, coriander and lime. While this recipe suggests that they’ll work hot or cold as a snack or starter, we can see two easy ways to upgrade them into a full and satisfying meal. First, cook some couscous and get to work on an accompanying Thai salad while the meatballs are in the oven. Or, second, construct some fully-loaded pitta pockets. Whatever you pair them with, don’t forget the sweet chilli sauce.

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Visit to find more healthy recipes, from quick and easy midweek meals to melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked dishes.

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