The Fitbit Versa Is The Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen It In Amazon’s Spring Sale

Fitbits just keep getting cheaper and cheaper. The new Inspire HR offers the best of Fitbit’s features for under £100 and the new Fitbit Versa Lite is a cheaper version of the fitness tracking brand’s second generation smartwatch at £150.

But two deals today beat both of those. The Fitbit Versa is reduced by 30% in Amazon’s spring sale to £140.99 – that’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen it and if you’ve been considering buying a fitness tracker we’d recommend taking the plunge. Don’t hang around though. Both deals are only available on 9th April.

The Versa is a slick device with a bright full-colour screen, a battery that we found stretches to six days, excellent sports tracking for the casual gym-goer, runner or swimmer, and a heart-rate monitor which powers the best of Fitbit’s features.

Compared to the Versa Lite, this deal means you get music storage and streaming on your wrist, and the facility to make contactless payments with Fitbit Pay. You also get an altimeter so it’ll keep count of the floors you’ve climbed and it’ll be able to track lengths swum in the pool. All of that and you save £10!

Buy the Fitbit Versa from Amazon | £140.99 (Fitbit RRP £199.99)

If you were hoping to spend a little less, then Amazon’s second deal today on the Fitbit Charge 3 special editions should suit. The online retailer has taken 27% off the £149.99 price, knocking Fitbit’s best fitness tracker down to £109. At that price we’d recommend spending the extra £20 to upgrade from the Inspire HR. That extra cash affords you an altimeter, a larger screen and better battery life. It will also allow you to set and send quick message replies if you’re using an Android phone. As it’s the special edition you also get Fitbit Pay and the choice of one of two premium straps.

Buy the Fitbit Charge 3 special edition from Amazon | £109 (Fitbit RRP £149.99)

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